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Big ol' friendly papa-bear that never, completely, ever grew up.
Two boy cubs, and I'm recently divorced/dumped after a 30 year relationship. Eat/sleep/dream computers, and so I also volunteer to help others with their computer problems, because its *fun* for me. www.lifebyte.org
Animal lover, not so much a cat-person since I have alergies, but dogs/horses/birds, you betcha. I have on more than one occasion swam with dolphins.
Fascinated with Japanese culture. I've traveled to Beppu, Nihon, and Yokosuka.
I enjoy anime, though I don't get to see much lately (pinball restoration and arcade design has been a new passion). (You bring the anime and I'll cook, and we can watch it in my giant screen theater.)
Loves to cook, loves to laugh, and always looking to help out a friend.